Forgiveness, psychological aspects.





H. 15.00


An important combination between yoga and forgiveness. In the seminar the theoretical support of the psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr. Erica Perbellini, will help us to understand your wounds, while the practice will stimulate the opening of your heart. All this to enrich you knowledge of yourself from the physical body to the mental body and at the same time become better beings, passages of light.

Your body and mind will be prepared to face a small journey within your heart to understand if your are able to forgive and what are the dynamics to go through the process of forgiveness by making pain an enrichment. An energetic and symbolic work will allow to live with your body the archetypes inherent with the mental disposition linked to wounds and their overcoming. Theoretical support will help to more accurately represent the process. Breathing and mudrā practices will help you overcome the taboos about your sensitive parts. The final meditation will be an invitation to open yourself to grace with the awareness of mental healing, regardless of the implementation of reconciliation.

«The lotus emerges clean from the dirty waters in which its seed was kept, to look for the light of the sun that will make it bloom. In the same way the aspirant yoga must first of all struggle with itself, with the dirt inside of itself (selfishness, desires, ignorance, fear) and then emerge towards the light of awareness that will give it the wisdom and the undisputed beauty of the Truth ».

Gilda Giannoni, Yoga, dall’Armonia alla Gioia.


Duration of the workshop: 2h e 30 min – dalle 15.00 alle 17.30 
The workshop will be held at
 in viale Postumia, 20, Villafranca (VR).

For registration: info@trailcieloelaterra.it ; tel. 3476426368

Booking open until december 12th.