Pipīlika – the ant 

«Those who follow the path of Vamadeva Rishi gradually reach the goal, through a certain number of lives, with the practice of Yoga, Sankhya and karma associated with the sattva guna. The Lord of the Devas has thus established two ways – that of Suka and that of Vamadeva. The way of Suka is called the way of the bird, while that of Vamadeva is called the way of the ant» (Varaha Upanishad, 4.35-36).

Do you remind Aries the fable of Aesop The ant and the grasshopper? The moral of the story is that those who do nothing, get nothing. The ant in the story is provident, it works continuously to face worse times. At the same time it is quiet, slow, it never overdoes, but it always maintains the right balance. The ant gradually reaches the goal, but undoubtedly it reaches it. Thus do the followers of Vamadeva Rishi, one of the great sages mentioned in the Vedas. Pipīlika marga “the path of the ant” was also called the way of the renowned master Bhausaheb Maharaj (1843-1914).

It’s your “ant summer”, Aries. Everything is so easy-going that you might think there is no longer a need to engage. Instead of deceiving yourself with the risk of finding yourself unable to accept the tensions afterwards, take the opportunity to continue working but finally in a more relaxed manner. The aim of change is to find a balance that can be carried on peacefully. When it is found, you do not give up everything, but in fact you go on serenely.


Ugra-āsana, terrbile pose

Vamadeva indicates not only the rishi’ s name, but one of the six aspects of Śiva too. Considered its peaceful and pleasant aspect, it is associated with the life force (ugra). Ugra is the name by which pashcimottana-āsana is named in Śiva-samhitā. Practice it every day for three minutes in the name of Śiva, the Rishi, life force and peace.

Awareness exercise

Engage for 5 minutes every night. Sit in a meditative position to count the breaths. A slow and not very attractive way, but that if pursued with continuity will give you great results.

Mantra of the month

«Slow and far».