Amrita – invincible 

«O Soul, surely Thou hast inner brilliance and invincible power to shine gloriously» (Yajur-veda 10.15).

Amrita is the nectar of the gods in Hindu mythology. It is very coveted, because it is the nectar of immortality and in India even the gods are mortal. Therefore amrita makes you invincible.

For several months I have been asking you to be patient, Capricorn, and to force you to take on the burden of responsibility and change that Saturn imposes on you. Well, this month Jupiter comes into your sign and maybe all this work from 2019 can be rewarded in 2020. It seems like a nice birthday present, don’t you think so? I think you will spend a good New Year that will make you rejoice at the idea of ​​good intentions and optimism towards the new year.


Virabhadra-āsana I, hero Virabhadra pose, first variant

Open chested, aiming high, confident. Run it every morning for 30 seconds on the side.

Awareness exercise

 When you feel very tired, think about the last important thing you did, even a small thing, but it required attention, physical and / or mental strength. Think that in life you often engage in certain small businesses, you face them like a hero of an epic poem: sometimes successfully, others not, with difficulty or lightly. But you always remain the protagonist.

Mantra of the month

«I have the power to shine»