Viśrāma – rest

 «Laying down on the ground, like a corpse, is called Sava-asana. It removes fatigue and gives rest to the mind» (Hathayoga-pradīpikā, 1.32)

The word viśrama means “rest”, as in the translation above, but also ”relaxation”, “calm”, “tranquility”. Undoubtedly śava-āsana is the most relaxing pose, in spite of the idea of the corpse, which can be disturbing. Usually it is everyone’s favorite in hatha-yoga sessions. It is often said that ten minutes in this pose count as several hours of restful sleep.

You might want to give up a little, Libra. The last two months have been so challenging. You now just want to relax and think that you have done a lot. You can do it since it’s holiday season. The end of the year will be in the name of family harmony.

Don’t think, however, of relaxing completely. Everything you’ve done in the last year is producing results, but it’s too early to claim victory. Jupiter goes square and it will stay throughout 2020 to test your willpower and discipline. If Saturn and Pluto square have asked you to check your path, if you are succeeding in the enterprise, then know that not only Saturn and Pluto are still there looking at you, but also that the roads taken must be consolidated and this is what Jupiter will ask you.


Shava-āsana, corpse pose

Have you ever really enjoyed this pose at home? It’s not easy without being guided. You risk falling asleep. Then set a timer and keep it only two minutes each day, relaxing all your muscles well.  Hold it for seven minutes once a week.

Awareness exercise

Do you have a fixed thought, a concern, a project? When it comes to your mind, look at the clock. Mark yourself mentally or on a piece of paper for how long you’ve been thinking about it. Try to reduce the time. When you are able to hunt the thought immediately, look at the date. Try not to think about it for at least five days. So you can clear your mind a little and when you think back, you will have clearer ideas!

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