Dhanya – blessed 

«I am blessed. There is no comparison in this world for my satisfaction! I am blessed, blessed by fortune, three times blessed » (Avadhuta-upanishad, 33).

After all it was a good year, Sagittarius, don’t you think so? It’s better not to talk since the year is not over yet, but I would say you can rest assured. Although Jupiter abandons its conjunction, the year ends, however, in serenity. A beautiful Moon in conjunction will give you a great mood on Christmas days. The Sun and Mercury accompany you almost the whole month with a clear mind, proactive ideas and maybe even a pleasure trip. Chiron helped you heal old wounds. Some uncertainty may remain, but it’s ok: as long as you are alive there is always something to learn and always opportunities to evolve!


Jatharaparivartana-āsana, abdominal twist

Enjoy this relaxing abdominal massage. It has many benefits with minimal effort. Practice it every day for two minutes on each side and enjoy the results.    

Awareness exercise

Look around you, what you have, what you are. You can already say satisfied. What can still be changed to improve your condition. Start with the little things.

Mantra of the month


«I pray to Tryambak -healer aspect of Shiva- so that he frees us from bonds of death and suffering and gives us prosperity and immortality». It is often recited in India during birthdays and for healing and fortune. If the words are too difficult to pronounce, then just mumble the melody, or recite the English translation.