Sarvabhūteshu – in every being

«By perceiving oneself in all beings and all beings in oneself, one becomes self-sacrificing. Thus said Brahma» (Vasistha-Samhita, 6.44).

I already proposed this verse to you Scorpio several months ago. Perceiving yourself in all beings means not only understanding others as yourself (and in fact it is already difficult, because you must first learn to understand yourself), but seeing something of you in everyone else. For example in the face of a dispute or of a person who you finds irritating, you can ask yourself if the conflict does not reside in you instead of in the other that is against you.

Movement and restlessness in the first days of the month could make you nervous, Scorpio. The period still asks you to look deep inside. Look for the ideals to be pursued, the real ones, which come from the heart, and have the courage to face the shadows to evolve and improve. With more awareness you can better enjoy the pleasures of the holidays.


Vakra-āsana, twist, standing variant

Open your lungs keeping your elbows well back. Be careful not to rotate the pelvis. Listen to the sensations on both sides. I already proposed it to you a short time ago, do it again every morning 1 minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Watch the people that irritate you the most. What aspect of their behavior or character irritates you? Search for at least one seed of the same aspect within yourself.

Mantra of the month

«I understand who is talking to me».

It is not just a matter of understanding, but of being sympathetic (sym-pathos) with the speaker.