Kṛtārtha – satisfied

«…I will, having accomplished everything, lay down this body and attain that eternal Brhamaloka» (Chandogya Upanishad, 8.13.1).

In the text the word used is kṛtātma, which does not mean only satisfied, but also “quiet”, “capable of self-control”. Krtārtha, on the other hand, is more linked to material satisfaction, therefore it indicates a person who has been successful, who has obtained what he has worked for.

Even if you have not achieved full success, Taurus, I believe that at Christmas you will feel yourself krtārtha. It is a month to be exploited Toro, you are in the midst of your business, finally happy and sure of the choices you have made in recent months. You’ll be so serene in commitment that even in the face and any irritation you will not want to waste time fighting. You have the help of almost the entire Zodiac, so I would say that if you channel your energies well, if you don’t waste energy, you should be able to achieve a lot from the beginning of the month until Christmas. So no guilt if you relax and enjoy good food during the Holiday.


Jathara parivartana-āsana, belly twist.

I see it like the pose of someone who is satisfied and does not look for anything: no performance, no demonstration, just the pleasure of enjoying a massage of the abdomen and back. Perform it once a week for five minutes in the first three weeks and every day after Christmas.

Awareness exercise

 Every night before sleeping, remember what you did during the day. Was there anything you had to do for a long time and finally managed to do?

Mantra of the month

«I act for satisfaction».