Vira – brave 

«Human life is like a turbulent stream, strewn with rocks and pebbles; the brave step into it; for by sitting on the shore and enumerating hurdles, you shall never get across. Leave behind the burden of your fears, guilts, weaknesses and cumbersome attachments. Thus freed from all negative forces, smoothly cross over the stream». (Atharva Veda, 12.2.26)

Vira is the hero, the brave, the strong. He is virtuous and fearless at the same time. His living sometimes in difficult situations is not due to lack of wisdom, but to the need to take part in the game of life and face what happens with openness and trust.

The year starts well for you Aquarius, and should continue so well. The warmth of affection that you live in the holidays allows you to overcome any nervousness. You should be able to recharge yourself well in anticipation of a birthday that presents opportunities that, crossed with the Uranus square, could open the way to significant changes. Important is that you remain convinced of what you do, don’t stop, don’t be afraid, the road is open.


Suptavira-āsana, sleeping hero pose

Rest, but be prepared for action, as agile and healthy as a hero. Repeat this pose at least three times a week and keep it for up to three minutes.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you want to give in, think about what would actually happen if you really gave up. Then think of the best and worst consequences of what you can do instead.

Mantra of the month

«The road is open».