Abhiniveśa – lust for life

«Desire for continuity, arising even among the wise, is sustained by self-inclination» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.9).

Abhiniveśa represents, in its negative meaning, attachment to life, which can lead to anxiety and anguish up to a vital block for fear of death. In its positive sense, on the other hand, it is a healthy desire to live and as such it is the basis of the vital impulse. The root nud in the term means “to spur”, “to push”, “to urge”. In this sense abhiniveśa is interpreted as «a firm dedication to a certain purpose» (Yoga Encyclopedia).

A beautiful trine with Mars gives you the energy you need to start this new year. Your transformation Aries is not over yet. All the changes that took place last year must be validated and Jupiter square will serve you precisely for this. So take advantage of this vital momentum to complete projects, stabilize your position, understand how you are moving into the new year and into a new lifestyle.


Mūla-bandha, base lock

Run it in any position whenever you remember. Try to identify the space between the genitals and the anus and contract only that space. It will help you take out more energy. Hold the contraction for 3 seconds and release.

Awareness exercise

Observe your fears. How much attachment is behind them and to what? Can you loosen the attachment to alleviate fear? Look at your enthusiasm in the same way. How many expectations are there behind? (and therefore how much attachment?). Can you lower expectations to live projects positively but without the risk of frustration? Find a balance in your abhiniveśa.

Mantra of the month

«Vital momentum».