Diśi – direction 

«O enemy of Kaṃsa! All the Brahmās, accepting Your order to create, create all the new universes. All the Śivas destroy all the old universes on Your order to destroy. All Your expansions in the form of Viṣṇus, protectors of the universe, carry out Your order to protect the newly created universes. All the masters of the universes in all directions are awaiting Your order» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu,2.1.108).

By chance I chose the same text I had chosen for you in closing 2019. The whole trimurti, the Indian trinity, is contemplated in this verse. I should say the trimurtis, since the cyclical nature of the universe is mentioned too. Brahman, Prajapati or some kind of primordial Being, superior to the whole creation, gods included, gives the commands to operate this wheel of existence. The direction is established by Him. In it is the source and the secret of life.

Yoga tries to connect deeply to this Being and so you should. It would be helpful to understand how the new year will be. Truly speaking, Gemini, that depends on you. Thus what you have to do is to look deep inside yourself. In 2020 you will not have slow planets to mark epochal turning points, but Neptune that continues to confuse your ideas. So, since taking on anything right away could be a risk, take some time. Use your time to review old journals, rewrite to friends you haven’t heard in a long time, attend to things you’ve been pending for months. Put your life in order and take up the reins. This way maybe the direction to take will be clearer to you.


Dhanur-āsana, bow pose

Where is your arrow pointing? Practice it every day for 30 seconds.

Awareness exercise

Take a sheet. Start from a central point and for each of your actions that seems significant to you, draw an arrow with a direction. At the end of the month look at the map you have built.

Mantra of the month 

«Ashta dikpalaka»


(the mantras for the directions, difficult to repeat, but listened to every now and then and watch the video to see the various directions and deities that preside over them).