Bālya – vigorous 

«There is again this great misery in infancy (bālya) because the operative power of the sense-organs is not clearly manifest or developed. Even if he wishes he is unable to express or take remedial or preventive measures» (Śiva-purāna, 23.47).

In Ayurveda bālya is a group of medicinal plants that serve to increase strength (bala in Sanskrit means “strength”). In fact as an adjective bālya means “strong” “vigorous” “powerful” and, in relation to this, the term indicates the virile semen too. However, it is interesting and amusing that the same word is also used to refer to childhood and its characteristics: “youth”, “ignorance”, “foolishness”, “stupidity”.

It is precisely this link between being immature and stupid and feeling strong at the same time that I want to call to your attention, Leo. At the beginning of the year you may feel particularly vigorous, with a great desire to have fun, to create new relationships and no desire to hear from others what you have to do. Faced with some new event, you could take it well as a game or a challenge. Everything’s fine until the accounts are presented to you. At that point, in fact, you risk getting angry with others for small errors or recklessness that are your responsibility, reiterating the idea that the world is unfair and that it is hard for you to progress.


Pada hasta-āsana, hands at the feet pose

Bends your head and humbly accept what comes, successes like mistakes. Remember it by performing this pose every day for 20 breaths.

Awareness exercise

Every day take what life gives you. At the end of the day, however, reflect on how you reacted to what was. Was there bravado in your attitude?

Mantra of the month


(it is an African mantra – Tieeo means humility – Listen to it here)