Parīkṣa – test

«From far off one should examine the Brāhmaṇa thoroughly versed in the Veda; such a one is the proper channel for offerings to gods and Pitṛ and in the matter of gifts he has been declared to be the guest» (Manusmriti, 3.130).

It is not enough to read and scrupulously follow the Vedas to show that a person is of the highest caste (materially and spiritually). According to the commentaries, examining «from far off» means looking at the ancestors from father and mother and finding that up to ten degrees they were educated and followed the dharma with diligence and virtue. In the same way it is necessary to test the real understanding of dharma and rituality of a man.

That’s the context of Brahminical India, where castes and rites were strictly defined. Yet the idea of ​​the test suits you, Libra. This year the game gets even harder with Jupiter and Saturn square. It hasn’t necessarily to be negative, it depends on you, on your “virtue” and on your understanding of dharma. If you organize yourself, if you give yourself a discipline that helps you to face even the hardest moments, it can be a good step to make a qualitative leap. Now you test the validity of what you do and your intentions. The choice of patience or discouragement is up to you.


Gomukha-āsana, cow face pose

This pose is at the same time intimate and slender, demanding and relaxing, closed and open. Can you relax and practice it with pride? Try it at least three times a week for two minutes on each side.

Awareness exercise

Observe your reaction to certain annoyances. Is it anger, acceptance, resignation? Whenever something happens that you don’t like, write on a sheet of paper what could be done to improve that situation or not repeat it.

Mantra of the month