Āśaya – deposito

«The residue of karma, rooted in kleshas, is felt in seen or unseen existence. While the root existence, there is fruition of it as birth, duration, and experience» (Yoga-sūta, 2.12).

In Indian epic culture āśaya is the “cause of karma which in turn leads to birth”. In general it indicates a deposit, a reservoir, a reserve, while in Ayurveda the name indicates the viscera, the internal abdominal organs. Now, according to modern theories of psychosomatics, the viscera are linked to emotions and the intestine in particular is linked to the deeper, more remote unconscious. If you think about it, karma is something very deep that you carry inside, an ancient memory that determines your present actions. Who knows maybe this karma-āśaya, this deposit of karma, is found right in the intestine.

You start the year more dreamy than ever, Pisces, and you are already a great dreamer. You may find yourself reflecting and fantasizing, thinking of setting your New Year’s resolutions on something spiritual. This will help you to tackle certain nodes of the past that have not yet been loosen. Of course putting your hands back in the past often spoils your mood, but if you find the right balance between your research and a peaceful life in the present, you will feel the benefits in terms of good health, and love and affection from those around you.


Hala-āsana, plow pose

If you like it and have no problems, run this pose every day for a minute or two. Always compensate it with at least thirty seconds with open throat (eg matsya-āsana). If you have limitations with inverted positions, instead, just collect your legs in the chest from the supine pose and do it every night.

Awareness exercise

Do you happen to have digestive problems? If so, look at not only what you ate, but what happened that day or during that time. You may find ideas for your research.

Mantra of the month

«A peaceful search».