Prāpti – acquisition 

«Through the perfection of prāpti one acquires whatever one desires, and through prākāmya-siddhi one experiences any enjoyable object, either in this world or the next.» (Śrīmad-bhāgavatam, 11.15.4-5).

Prāpti is a siddhi, one of the powers of the yogis. It is the faculty of obtaining all that is desired, in fact the term prāpti translates as “attainment” or “acquisition”. The prākāmya-siddhi is instead the “irresistible will”. The yogin gets everything he wants for his willpower and for his capacity for introspection that allows him to maintain consistency between his unconscious drives and what he does on a conscious level. Unconscious mind and actions are aligned and coordinated in the yogin. He knows himself, knows what he needs and behaves accordingly. This is only possible after a long investigation of oneself.

Maybe your lucky year didn’t give you everything you wanted, Sagittarius. Besides, no new, good new and maybe your luck has been limited to this. Not for this you have to be discouraged, thinking that the goddess of fortune is not so magnanimous with you. Your lucky year is over, but now you can enjoy the fruits of a year that at least gave no problems.


Mala āsana, garland pose

Perform this pose every day for 2 minutes. Observe the tensions and try to understand how to relax.        

Awareness exercise

When you get nervous for some reason, observe your behavior immediately afterwards even if you are in another context and observe the consequences of it. Take note of the chain of cause and effect from your moment of nervousness.

Mantra of the month

«My life goes on smoothly»