Mantra – advice

«. . . from my father I carefully learned the king of mantras and many other Kṛṣṇa-mantras as we sat by the water» (Sanatkumara Samhita, 3).

I guess you know what the mantra is, Scorpio. Perhaps what you don’t know is that the term has many variations, including that of “advice” both in the sense of a suggestion from someone and a meeting of people. In the context of Dharmaśāstra it was used in war and it was one of the characteristics of the king’s strength. In the Puranas it was the consultation that was held with many or even individually and anyway with people trusted by the king. Usually it indicated the consultation of an expert or of experts in the Vedas, as the elders who could correct the king in his decisions. Thus it was said that the kingdom rests on mantra and that the king should not decide alone, but neither should he consult too many people.

An effort you can make, Scorpio, is trying to understand how much others can help you. Listen to the advices that come to you, they will help you to be more objective and not fall into the same mistakes.


Supta baddhakona-āsana, supine angle pose

Stay open without fear of vulnerability. Relax in this position every night for five minutes.

Awareness exercise

Listen carefully to each other’s opinions. Observe your reaction, whether contrary or in agreement. When it’s against, think about the details, why don’t you like it? Why aren’t you willing to follow it?

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