Sandhāna – pacification

«If the lunar svara flows while asking the question, then there will be a compromise. If it is the solar svara to flow, then know that there will be war» (Śiva-svarodhaya, 263).

The svara is the respiratory flow in the context of Śiva-svarodhaya. If the flow is mainly in the right nostril, the person will presumably be very active, sometimes agitated. In agitation it is more difficult to understand the position of other people and more easy to be prone to confrontation.

If the flow is to the left, instead, there is a tendency to calm and tranquility and easily you can find agreements and compromises.

Your new year starts with a great desire to do, Virgo. Stimulated by opportunities especially in the first half of the month, you should take advantage of them, but be careful not to want to do it all your way. You should give up that typical fuss about your sign and make compromises if you don’t want to get nervous unnecessarily. Besides, not only the whole world does not have to act according to your plans, but sometimes other people’s plans could be more valid and functional than yours!


Anuloma viloma-prānāyāma, alternate nostrils breathing

Maintain the balance of the nostrils and therefore of the nervous system. Practice at least 3 cycles every day (6 breaths) and 10 cycles once a week.      

Awareness exercise

Whenever you get nervous, check which nostril is active. If it’s the right, take a couple of breaths with just the left nostril.

  Mantra of the month

«The ideas of others».