Yoga techniques for anxiety and depression.





The seminar proposes the yogic way for the containment and resolution of anxious and depressive states.

The first part of the seminar is dedicated to physical, enegetic and mental preparation to face the practice that will follows later. After the mobilization of the main joints, face and head massage will ease the tensions of the facial muscles, connected to the emotional states. A small test will measure the level of tension and fear associated with anxiety.

The chosen āsanas work on anxiety on several levels: from the physical, acting on the endocrine glands involved directly in the physiological alteration of the anxious and depressive states; to the mental, testing the need for control; up to the spiritual level, where the theme of acceptance is central.

In the last part, after relaxing the body, the repetition of the initial test will determine the internalization of the practice, while the repetition of the mantras, the voluntary implementation of a positive mental attitude and the final meditation will show the possibility of reacting constructively to the suffering.

«A mental state determines a certain facial expression or a way of breathing or a particular posture; vice versa, configuring the face in a given expression, inducing a particular breathing, assuming a defined posture, influence the state of the mind and therefore the emotional state»  (Gilda Giannoni, Tecniche per l’ansia e la depressione).


At PALESTRA OPTIMA, Via della Cooperazione 10, 37024 – ARBIZZANO DI NEGRAR (VR)

Duration of the seminar: 2h-  from 20.15 to 22.15

COST: 20€.

For booking: optima@palestraoptima.it