Yoga and food:

the practice to understand what you eat!




FROM 10.00 TO 12.30

Physical reactions to flavors


FROM 15.00 TO 17.30

Āsana and food: an unexpected connection

A yogic journey into the world of food, to understand, at least in part, what happens when food enters the body. Each flavor induces a psycho-physical reaction, different types of food feed different organs and above all a certain diet determines the general state of health of the body.

We will consider the influence of foods on the body and the possibility of making the action reversible through yoga practices. For example: if a wrong diet leads to an overproduction of mucus, which clogs the lungs and therefore makes breathing difficult, through the work on the breath, together naturally with the awareness of harmful foods, the health of the lungs can be restored; in the same way if the intestinal functioning is altered, yoga exercises can contribute to its recovery.

The first meeting will work on the link between nutrition, breathing and intestinal functions. In the second meeting, however, we will have fun exploring the physical responses between specific foods, asanas and internal organs.

«Lifestyle, climate change and other subjective factors, such as food intolerances and allergies, require careful consideration of what it is worth eating. [….] It will therefore be necessary to look for a state of sattva in balancing through the foods appropriate to one’s conditions» ( Gilda Giannoni, Yoga, dall’Armonia alla Gioia).


The seminar is organized by the Verdeloto Association at Centro Pontedera Danza S.S.D., via Tosco Romagnola 205, Pontedera (PI).

Duration of the seminar: 2h30min. each.

COST: 30€ each;  50€ for the two seminar package;

a further discount is provided for those who wish to participate in the seminar to be held in Empoli the day before.

Per prenotazioni: pontedera@verdeloto.it