Śanta – peaceful

«Let the prājna (wise man) merge the speech in the manas, and the manas in the buddhi; let him merge the buddhi in the great self (mahat), and that great self, again, in the Self of peace (the Ātman or the Puruŝa)». (Katha-upanishad, 3.13)

Śāntātman is a calm, tranquil spirit, composed in the mind. The sage that is śanta, peaceful, is reunited with universal Peace, in this unitary spirit which is only bliss. To be such, he must make a passage so that he becomes aware of his emotions (emotional mind – manas), rationalizes them in a healthy way (in the intellect – buddhi) and goes beyond rationalizations to draw on a level of pure spirituality (mahat).

Having no transit to bother you Aquarius you can be pretty śanta this month. Actually, you can think that you are even a śāntātman. With peace of mind and using your buddhi well, you can enjoy all the opportunities that the Sun in conjunction normally brings: meetings, proposals for collaborations, positive ideas that can leave a mark until your next birthday.


Rishi-āsana, the wise twist

The twisting positions bear the names of the sages because they allow you to see on each side. Do this twist every morning for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Strive this month to do an awareness exercise to heighten listening. Whenever someone speaks to you, stay well focused and attentive, grasp the more or less profound meaning of the speech.

Mantra of the month

«A quiet attention».