Naityaka – mandatory 

«Convinced of the necessary character of the injunction, and retiring to the forest on a spot near water, one may even recite the Sāvitrī only, with a clean body and a collected mind» (Manusmriti, 2.104).

Naityaka is something that must be constantly repeated, something to be performed regularly such as certain rituals or food to be given to monks or offered to the Gods. Naityaka is something mandatory and indispensable too.

It is normal that after so much effort you will unquestionably want a moment of rest. Especially if for some small fortuitous case you have glimpsed an oasis of peace, serenity, pleasure. As long as you worked hard, you didn’t even think about rest. However, having lived the opposite for even a moment, then that opposite seems like a right for which you no longer want to wait. You can do it, Capricorn, but it won’t be easy right away, you will feel that you still have to fight to assert your rights. Find ways to affirm them without harming others or yourself. Retire and seek cleanliness (health) of body and collected mind.


Sulabha danda-āsana, easy stick pose

It’s a good way to force yourself to stay still without doing anything, not even resting by lying on the ground. Try it every day for two minutes, let your head go wherever you want.

Awareness exercise

 Observe yourself in the pose described above. Do you feel guilty when you stop for no definite reason? Look for other moments like this: it is not resting, it is not sleeping, it is not watching TV, but doing nothing.

Mantra of the month

«My need».