Dayā – compassion

«That indulgence towards all beings, as towards one’s own self, by body, mind and word of mouth, that alone is known as Compassion by knowers of Vedānta»  (Darśana-upanishad, 1.14-15).

In the Darśana-upanishad dayā it is one of the ten yamas, the observances prescribed for the yogin. It is a principle of sympathy, or sym-pathos “suffering with”, according to which there is no difference between yourself and others. In order for dayā to be possible, you need to do a lot of work on yourself. In fact, only by understanding, accepting and forgiving your own dynamics you do understand, accept and forgive those of others.

Perhaps, you now realize the consequences to which some of your attitudes or actions have led or have brought you, Leo, and you are less inclined to put the blame on others. If not yet, it is the right time to do it, that is to become aware of yourself and develop more understanding and compassion for others. You will see your relationships improve because you will be more willing to take into account the views of others and understand the reasons behind their statements and actions.


Ujjayiprānāyāma,winner breathing of the victorious

You need it to stop and regain awareness. Do it whenever you feel lost in thoughts or situations.

Awareness exercise

Observe what happens in your mind every time you slow down your breathing with the previous exercise. Don’t you think it better disposes you towards people?

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