Mukta – slackened

«The desire of living-liberated men (jivan-muktas), is not properly any desire at all, since it is the pure desire relating to universal weal and happiness.» (Yoga-vasistha,3.22.5).

A mukta is a man who has achieved spiritual realization and thus freed himself from suffering by exiting the cycle of rebirth. The word mukta in a broader and more common sense means “relaxed” and “loose”too. Since the realization is the highest degree of emancipation, a relaxed man is an emancipated man.

You start the month with difficulty, Scorpio, but towards the end you can relax, even if you will only be able to do only a part of what you had in mind, as if everything went slowly. Not bad, it means it’s time to slow down.


Padacārin-āsana, walking pose

Keep your balance while remembering that this is one of the poses in which the Buddha is represented. Do this pose every morning for one minute on each side.       

Awareness exercise

When you walk during the day, remember the asana that you performed in the morning, remember the sensations related to it. 

Mantra of the month

«Slow down».