Stambha – pretentiousness

«The siddhi of the Kakshaputa has various divisions and subdivisions: Vaśya (controlling others), Ākarshana (attracting others), Stambha (immobilizing others)…» (Kakshaputa-tantra, 1.11-12).

Stambha is an interesting word. According to the Monier-Williams dictionary it means “inflation” (of the ego), “pretentiousness”, “arrogance”. According to the Vastu-shastra, architecture treatise, stambha indicates a pillar, a meaning found in many Puranas, hindū religious texts. The most curious reference is undoubtedly the one of the magical language of Tantrism, where stambha is considered one of the powers, siddhis, which can be conquered through practices and special formulas. This particular power makes it possible to paralyze people.

You want to change and improve, Virgo, and you’re working a lot for it. You are capable of so much commitment and method in this sense, but you cannot expect the same from others and you cannot even think that you are better than others in doing what you do. In demanding the impossible, you risk getting angry unnecessarily by wasting precious energy and immobilizing others, overwhelming them. Diplomacy is not enough, you have to become more aware of your attitudes, then you will know how to communicate and make the most of your ideas.


Stambha-āsana, pillar pose

Imagine holding the sky with your hands and feet. Do you stiffen? Relax, it’s not all on you, you’re contributing to its support, like everyone around you.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you are about to protest, stop for a moment, take two deep breaths, think if your claim is truly enforceable and if it is truly urgent.

Mantra of the month

«The ideas of others»

(it’s the same as last month, repetita iuvant).