Tāvat – meanwhile

«How can it he possible to get knowledge, so long as the Prāṇa is living and the mind has not died? No one else can get mokṣa, except one who can make one’s Prāṇa and mind latent» (Hathayoga-pradīpikā, 4.15).

In this sentence there is the truth of yoga, difficult to accept today that yoga is used to improve the quality of life, when instead yoga is precisely “death in life”. Yet in this “death” there is knowledge and there is liberation (moksha). What can be done in the meantime, as long as prāna and mind live, is to try to know and manage them.

I find it quite pertinent to you Aries, as a metaphor for this March. At the end of the month you will be liberated of the grip of Saturn and Mars, but what can you do in the meantime? Look for the reasons why these two planets create disturbances or inconveniences. A positive Venus has helped and still helps you (for the first few days of the month) to overcome old wounds. You can understand which ones are still alive and try to get to know them and manage them.


Ardha purvottana-āsana, east pose

Open your chest and think about the people who hurt you, voluntarily or involuntarily, with words or deeds. Are you willing to let go?

Awareness exercise

Write down all the factors that don’t make you feel free and write a hypothetical solution in a parallel column. Take a few days to complete your list. After half a month, reread the list.

Mantra of the month