Gandhana – perseverance

«The devotees enjoy riches due to their personal efforts and through the grace of God, but mainly through their own patience and perseverance » (Rig Veda 1.138.3).

You have almost reached the end of Saturn’s heavy journey, Capricorn. It will return after July, the last decade will feel it most, but in substance the games are done already. It asked you a lot, asked you to grow up, to take full responsibility maybe not just for youself. Towards the end of the month, if you have learned your lesson, it leaves you to enjoy your lucky Jupiter and your beautiful Venus. A period of health and good relationships opens. Cheer up, you are getting there!


Capricorn March 2020

Anuloma viloma-prānāyāma, alternate nostril breathing

It helps you stay steadfast and persistent in this further month of commitment.  

Awareness exercise

Go back every day and write down an event from the previous month. Go back a month until December 2017. At the end of the month, reread everything and think about what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed in these 27 months.

Mantra of the month

«One more step».