Avadhārana – ascertainment

«As the Chandala was addressing the king in the said manner, he acquainted him of the manner in which the wheel of time turned to his favour» (Yoga-vasistha, 5.46.15).

I like avadhārana because it implies the idea of ​​dharanā, which is concentration according to raja-yoga. In fact avadhārana is even used in Indian historiography to indicate an “official investigation.” More generally the term refers to a limited field to which a certain emphasis is given, therefore it sometimes takes the meaning of “limiting”, “restrictive”, but also “emphasis”, “affirmation” and “ascertainment”, or of a “restriction to a certain instance excluding all the others”. Hence the meaning of “determinant” and “certainty”.

In the verse above the wheel of time moves to one side and places emphasis on another. Now, the wheel of time moves, Leo, and spring returns. You, however, could see it as an end instead of a new beginning, just like spring is. Mixed emotions, discouragement and communication difficulties may be the protagonists of this month, but be careful because from the end of the month interesting possibilities will arise and the events around you are not negative at all. Put emphasis on the positive side, look at what you can build from what comes.


Parsvakona-āsana, lateral angle pose

See if you do it better on one side than the other. Stay a few more breaths on the weaker side. Repeat the pose every day.

Awareness exercise

Every evening think about what happened during the day and write down three unpleasant and three pleasant things. At the end of the month, just re-read the list of pleasant ones.

Mantra of the month

«Highlight the good».