Sankalpa – resolutions 

«The whole universe comes into existence through sankalpa (the determination of a goal). It is only through sankalpa that the universe occurs […]» ( Varaha Upanishad, 2.45). 

I cut this verse of this Upanishad not to confuse your ideas. In fact, in yoga to tell the truth, every sankalpa (in this sense, every desire) should be overcome and transcended in order to dedicate itself to a single purpose: the achievement of enlightenment. And that’s how the verse goes on. I’d rather highlight these first two sentences though. 

In fact, before getting to transcend any earthly purpose, however, there are many stages to pass. For example, having less selfish and more conscious desires is an evolutionary passage compared to mere material  Your are in the middle of your birthday, Pisces, and a birthday is like a personal New Year.

You can therefore formulate your new purposes and I am sure that, after all the experiences you have had in recent years, they will be more conscious and less selfish. Remember that your universe is built from your sankalpas!


Pisces March 2020

Ardha matsya-āsana, fish pose, partial

Open your chest and belly, expose everything you protect to yourself, let your interior emerge. Repeat at least once a week for two minutes.

Awareness exercise

Relax in a meditative pose. Connect with your heart and listen to the deepest desire that emerges. Ask yourself what is behind that desire, imagine what your life would be like with that realization, how you would feel. Analyze the desire in its origin and think if deep down you don’t already have the means to make it come true. Then formulate a short affirmative sentence and with the verb in the present tense, which summarizes what you can do now according to your desire. Repeat it in the mind like a mantra for a while and always carry it with you in a corner of your mind and heart.

Mantra of the month

Use the sentence that emerged from the exercise above!