Śilpa – arts and crafts 

«A man who has learnt all the arts (kalā) and is an adept in all the crafts (śilpa) and can [besides] captivate the heart of women, is called a Vaiśika (Expert Gallant)» (Natya-śastra, 25.2).

There could be no better quote this month for you Taurus. Your creativity peaks in March with Jupiter in trine with Venus. It is an excellent transit for both artists and lovers. If you are in search, you can also attract the right person, on the other hand you can «captivate the heart of women»!

The quote comes from the manual (śāstra) concerning dance, but in the Indian tradition there are śāstra dedicated to śilpa too. The term śilpa includes any kind of art from the finest to the artisanal to the mechanical. Everything that involves creativity, skill, mental and manual dexterity is included. The Indian tradition counts 64 different types of śilpa, but today perhaps, given the available materials and means, there are many more.

So cultivate your art, but pay attention to Saturn and Mars square at the end of the month: it will be the first test to consolidate what you have done in recent years and improve what needs to be improved.


Nataraja-āsana, dancing Śiva.

Śiva dance to destroy and recreate. Art sublimates by destroying the old form to give it a new one, more functional and beautiful. Art creates beauty. Feel beautiful in this pose, practice it every day for one or two minutes per side.

Awareness exercise

Do you know that the term “gallant” comes from the French galer = “have fun”? In addition to behavior towards women, the term is used to indicate something loving, but graceful and kind too. In the music of the 1700s it was the style that sought grace and elegance. Apply gallantry this month to as many areas of your life.

Mantra of the month