Vitandā – criticism

 «[In this discourse] should be brought in some controversial topic (vitaṇḍā) with an abrupt remark (gaṇḍa) or an enigmatical utterance (nālikā) [of some kind], and questions such as who is [there] and who has won, leading to the plot of the play (lit. the poem)» (Natyashastra, 5.139).

Vitandā are the controversies and the arguments sometimes understood as constructive criticisms, others as subversion of another’s opinion to assert one’s own.

Last month I told you Virgo not to overwhelm others with your ideas. Now I tell you not only to listen to others, but to accept their possible judgments too.

In fact, I don’t think you’ll be so downcast if you get any criticism of your job. Indeed it is likely that you know how to draw the constructive aspect and that you find it useful to adjust the pull of what you are doing. So you can change what needs to be changed and be more aware of what you are carrying out.


Virgo March 2020

Vrsh-āsana, bull pose

This is how Gandhi always sat. Good to listen, to meditate, to reflect. Maintain two minutes per side each evening.    

Awareness exercise

 If someone makes you an observation, try to remember if by chance you had already thought of something like this on your own or if you had already seen a weak point in this regard.

Mantra of the month

«I welcome and elaborate».