Granthi – knot 

«This Bhastrika should be performed plentifully, for it breaks the three knots: Brahma granthi (in the chest), Visnu granthi (in the throat), and Rudra granthi (between the eyebrows) of the body» (Svetasvatara Upanishad, 3.6). 

Granthi indicates a difficult knot to untie, other times it is translated as “doubt”. In the mystical physiology of hatha-yoga they are specific points of the body that are difficult to overcome in the physical sense and, being physiology linked to spiritual evolution, in the psychological sense too. These knots are said to be what keeps an individual entangled in his preferences, desires, fears. Only a long work of self-knowledge and action can allow to transcend the restrictions given by these points. When the knots melt, Kundalini can continue on its path to enlightenment along the median canal.

In April some movement begins for you, Aquarius. Responsibilities increase and as much as you are full of enthusiasm, energy and beautiful ideas, you must know how to manage all these qualities correctly. The end of the month puts you in front of the knots of this new phase of yours, work then to untie them and channel your energy in the right direction.


Bhastrika-prānāyāma, bellows breathing.

It is a fairly strong technique, so don’t overdo it. Three cycles each morning are more than enough to do constant work on energy and granthis.

Awareness exercise

Write down on a sheet the emotions related to an impulse reaction (feeled, lived or implemented), which you would have liked to avoid. Reread the list at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month

««Lam – yam – om»

(these are the bija-mantras related to the chakras in which the main granthi are located).