Āśā – hope 

«As the ocean was being churned once again, that divine Lakṣmī, the sole protector of the worlds, rose up from it. Those who are the knowers of Brahman call her Ānvīkṣikī (Metaphysics). Others praise her as Mūlavidyā. Some competent persons call her Brahmavidyā. Some call her Siddhi (Success), Ṛddhi (Prosperity), Ājñā (Command) and Āśā (Hope). Some Yogins call her Vaiṣṇavī. Some exponents of Māyā always engaged in Yogic practice call her Māyā. All people call her Kenasiddhāntayuktā (the one associated with Brahman—the Principle spoken of in the Kenopaniṣad). Those who are equipped with the power of knowledge call her Yogamāyā.» (Skanda Purana, 11.59-61).

After a difficult period you eventually think positively again Aries. If you worked well on yourself in March, you will see the fruits around Easter, when a beautiful moon in trine will give you the hope that a rebirth is possible. Ideas become clearer and you resume the desire to do and learn.

Treasure everything you have gone through, because experiences are needed to mature. If in this period you indulge your usual nature of throwing yourself into things without reasoning and without evaluating the limits, then you can bang your head again. You have great potential for growth and expansion, but you must be able to manage it, if you go headlong with arrogance, pride or stubbornness you risk falling back into the usual karma. Now is the time to show how muchyou learned after many reflections.


Ananta-āsana,  Ananta pose

Ananta is one of the names of Śesha, the divine serpent floating on the cosmic ocean and on which Vishnu lies down to rest between one cycle of creation and the next. With Vishnu the wife Lakshmi is often present in the iconography, mentioned in the verse above. Now, Vishnu rests, aware that everything will restart. He is certainly not acting on impulse as Śiva for example. He calmly waits and observes.

Awareness exercise

Is there really a need for immediate action? Try to restrain yourself this month before saying or doing anything. Before taking action, think: is it urgent? it’s important? is it useful?

Mantra of the month

«I watch and think».