Śrāntā – tired

«Their friendship: You have spend seven nights standing constantly without sleep holding up Govardhana. You must be very tired. O my friend Kṛṣṇa, throw the mountain into Śrīdāma’s hand. Our minds are very disturbed seeing You in this condition. Or at least place the mountain in Your right hand. Then we will be able to massage Your left hand» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 3.3.18).

A sense of fatigue hangs over you in the background, Leone. You are entering a new cycle that will ask you to abandon what is no longer needed and to reflect on growth, on life. Therefore it is necessary to have a clear and calm mind even when the rhythm towards the end of the month will seem to accelerate and you will feel more prone to nervousness. Fortunately, you have a basic curiosity and a good mood that will give you the desire to enjoy and deepen friendships. Friends as in the above verse worry about you, abandon mental burdens and accept their support.


Setu bandha-āsana, bridge pose

This pose paints the advice I gave you above: download the weights from the lumbar area (where body feels psychic weights too) and open your chest (heart) to the world, to others. Run it every day for a minute.

Awareness exercise

For every moment of nervousness, think of the smile of a loved one. Stay on this image until you feel more peaceful.

Mantra of the month

« Throw the mountain».