Prema – love

«Please understand the truth of My beloved, the supreme goddess Śrī Rādhā. I enjoy pastimes with Her eternally. She has conquered Me with Her love» (Sanatkumara-samhitā, 160). 

Prema is supreme love according to bhakti-yoga, the path of devotion. It differs from ordinary human love (kāma), because the latter is selfish: with kāma you seeks your own pleasure and happiness through the other. Instead, prema is unconditional love and it only looks for the complacency of the beloved, without any attachment and in total self-forgetfulness. It is an affection full of kindness, care and respect for the beloved.

A beautiful Venus in trine brings your affections close again and makes all relationships pleasant, Libra. The people around you love you and understand you even when you have too much animation in presenting your projects. It is the right time to get busy, you have the strength, enthusiasm and support of those close to you.


Chataka-āsana, lark pose

Look for lightness and think of the singing of those who are happy. Practice it every day for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you animate yourself, think of the calm smile of a person who loves you.

Mantra of the month

«I am loved».