Shanti – calmness 

«Bless that Mother Nature be kind to us; the heavens give us peace, the earth be gentle; gentle be the waters that flow; gentle be the plants and herbs that grow. May the past be kind; the future benign» (Atharva-Veda, 19.9.1).

A famous Atharva Veda prayer for you, Pisces. After several years full of surprises and above all of hardships, it seems that now your moment of calm arrives. Maybe you will feel a little tired, without the desire to discipline yourself to do anything. Well, don’t get nervous about this, but take time.


Mala-āsana, garland pose

The position of those who rest while they are waiting. Try it every day for at least a minute.

Awareness exercise

I make an exception to the rule and recommend another āsana for you, besides the one above. In tada-āsana, the mountain (which is the simple upright position, with the back well stretched and aligned), close your eyes. Observe if you feel “in your shoes” and how you feel when you think about yourself in relation to the world and life. The mountain is stable despite everything that moves around it, it resists the wind, storms, rain, is shaken by earthquakes, but does not collapse. So it manages to be constantly quiet and peaceful. Are you able to do the same? Or at least to get closer to this ideal?

Mantra of the month

«Om shanti, shanti, shanithi!»

(listen to the whole shanti-mantra here)