Vighna – obstacles

«Bhāva sometimes suddenly appears in a person without knowledge of sādhana or mercy, and without scriptural knowledge. It should be inferred that in a previous life, some obstacle interrupted that person’s skillful sādhana, and in this life the obstacle has finally been removed» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu,1.3.57).

According to the Puranas, there are three types of obstacles: diseases of the body (ādhyātmika vighna), obstacles unrelated to the body and of a physical nature (ādhibhautika vighna) and divine calamities (ādhidaivika vighna). Oppositions are contemplated in this life, just as the possibility of overcoming them and advancing in spiritual growth by attaining a mental state more disposed to spiritual realization (bhāva).

The changes you have accepted so far may present now their downsides. On the other hand, everything has a negative and a positive side, so what’s the use of getting angry? And above all why take it out on someone else? It is normal to find obstacles from time to time. Be patient, continue to work as you have always done, and you will see that at the end of the month with the approach of your birthday new interesting opportunities will arise. Your projects go on!


Maha vira-āsana, position of the great warrior

Determined to move forward despite everything and everyone. Practice it every morning for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise

Observe what seems to stand against you. What is it like? Where is he from? Does it depend on others, on nature, on destiny or on you?

Mantra of the month 

«With the obstacles I am improving».