Kāma – pleasure

«In childhood he must first educate himself; during his youth and mature age he will deal with Artha and Kama, and in old age he will try to conquer Dharma, thereby endeavoring to gain Moksha, with which further transmigration is avoided» (Kama-sūtra, 1.2).

Kāma is most often translated as desire. It is considered responsible for man’s action and his attachment to the world, because it is the desire for the fruits of actions. More specifically, it is linked to sexual desire, to amorous pleasure. In this sense, it is considered a basic instinct for survival and as such it is pursued as one of the purposes of human life together with wealth (artha), the expression of one’s potential (dharma) and liberation (moksha).

Now, it is very likely that if you are reading this horoscope you are young or mature and therefore it is time for you to deal with kāma. Have you ever really let yourself go Aries? Have you expressed your whole self in intimacy, in sexuality? Or did you instead restrain yourself due to fears of old wounds, fear of rejection, taboos that you carry with you since childhood? You have the opportunity to expand this part of yourself, to expose it, to know a part of you that you probably don’t know completely. Face your fears, go beyond your wounds, it’s time to express your deepest drives.


Kusuma-āsana, open flower pose

Stay open and find the right balance to bloom in all your beauty. Remember it every day for 30 seconds.

Awareness exercise

How many times have you braked in a movement of affection or intimacy? How about trying to take the brakes off for this month and see what happens?

Mantra of the month

«Om Kama devaya Vidhmahe, Pushpa vanaya Dheemahe, Thanno Kama»

 -Om let me meditate on the God of love, oh God, who is the forest of flowers, give me the superior intellect, and let the God of Love illuminate my mind».

(ascoltalo qui)