Satkāra – reverence  

«But that is firmly situated when carefully attended to for a long time without interuption» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.14).

Satkāra is an attitude of reverence, sometimes veneration, but more commonly a “gentle treatment” as it is often translated. It’s about taking care, having attention, consideration or regard for one thing. In Yoga-sūtras, for example, you must have such an attitude towards practice.

In your case, Cancer, I used this term to suggest that you have such an attitude towards yourself. Last month I was telling you to practice and I hope you started doing it. Specifically, if you have not already done so, this month you should take care of putting the care of yourself into practice. Beyond the plans for your life, you need an action plan for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. For example, you could devote yourself to a new physical activity or cultivate new and stimulating relationships. Don’t be afraid to let the deepest part of you emerge, it will help you establish more sincere ties.


Bhadra-āsana, kind pose

You will think you don’t do much with this pose and in fact you don’t have to do much. Don’t try to push your knees down, you could damage them. Instead, help them by placing a pillow under each knee. Stretch up the column and just listen.

Awareness exercise

Whenever you neglect yourself or take it out on yourself, remember the mantra below.

Mantra of the month

«I treat myself with kindness, I speak to myself with kindness».