Bīja – seeds

«Of Bala and Atibala (the vital energy) the Purusha is the Rishi, the Gayatri is the metric and the divinity in charge. A, U, M are bija (seed), their application to overcome material obstacles is kilaka (wedge)» (Savitri Upanishad, 14).

Bīja is important in yoga in mantra and meditation. When the mantras are short, that is, they are recitations of single sounds or syllables, then they are bīja-mantra, mantra-seeds related to parts of the body or to the chakras. In the meditative process, on the other hand, sabīja-samadhi is the realization of the object of concentration, the seed precisely. In general, the word bīja is used to indicate the act of sowing, or planting seeds.

I’d say it’s a great month for you, Gemini. A beautiful season opens, in which you can plant seeds for a promising future in all fields. You may be a little nervous after the middle of the month when you take for granted a well-being that must come with your birthday and that can come, but not for free. Sowing is a job to be done with accuracy.


Hala-āsana, plow pose

What else but a position that helps prepare the ground. Try it three times a week for a minute. If you stay longer, be sure to compensate with a throat opening.

Awareness exercise

Do you know the history of crop rotation? The seeds and fields alternate in order to optimize the yield. Think about what you want to sow, but don’t look only in one direction, contemplate other areas of life to get a bigger picture and be able to optimize..

Mantra of the month