Nirma – to build 

«The fabricating minds arise only from I-am-ness» (Yoga-sūtra, 4.4). 

This is a somewhat difficult verse to interpret. The most esoteric visions talk about the many minds that the yogin is able to create. On a more earthly level, it can be seen as the many aspects of the person that unfold in this life and all refer to the sense of self. The spirit does not need to create an identity, the self does. Identity is created with the role or roles it takes on in the world, its intelligence, its beliefs, etc., which distinguish us from each other.

You’re still studying which direction to take, Libra. You are asked for a profound analysis of what you are on the earthly plane in this life: on the other hand Pluto will ends its square in five years and Saturn entering the trigon asks you to commit yourself for four or five years. It’s the job of building you. When you come out you will be stable in the idea you have of yourself and how you want to spend this idea in the world. May is an optimal month to carry on this work: relationships are good, opportunities open, communications flow.


Stambha-āsana, pillar pose

To feel stable in you. Repeat it every day for a minute.

Awareness exercise

For each project you have, think about whether you would like to be identified with that project in the future.

Mantra of the month

«My mind and my role».