Karma – action 

«Not by merely abstaining from work can one achieve freedom from reaction, nor by renunciation alone can one attain perfection» (Bhagavad-gītā, 3.4).

The word karma means “action”, “activity”. It comes from the root kr, which means “to do”. Karma-yoga is based on renunciation not of action, but of its fruits. On the other hand, action is inevitable, because any choice, even that of standing still, has consequences. The consequences cannot be avoided either, but you can avoid being emotionally overwhelmed by them. Acting in conscience for what you feel to do, without expecting anything, accepting what comes next for better or for worse: this is the path of karma-yoga towards liberation.

I told you about karma earlier in the year, Pisces. Last month instead I wrote about slowing down for you. It was necessary because soon your life becomes active again and you risk suffering from the frenzy of the moment. If you have not reflected enough, you risk finding yourself making the same mistakes and you will wonder why the same situations always happen to you. The answer is right in karma. Once the karma knot has been untied, that situation maybe happens again, but you don’t feel it anymore, you don’t even notice it, it doesn’t hit you because you overcome it without problems.


Pasha-āsana, knot pose

It’s not really a comfortable position, but it can be a warning to understand how you can live better by getting rid of the knots. Practice it at least twice a week for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Sit ten minutes in a meditative pose. Think about a situation that was recurring until a while ago and that all of a sudden didn’t happen to you anymore. Look at the episodes that concern it, see how your reactions were, think about how you would react now. Do this exercise once a week, each time looking for a different situation.

Mantra of the month

«Free from knots».