Viveka – discrimination 

«Rapture that destroys all sense of discriminating power is called mada. There are two types: arising from intoxication and arising from extreme transformations due to love. In this state there is stumbling while walking, uncoordinated movement of the limbs, and uncoordinated speaking. The eyes roll, and the face becomes red»  (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 2.4.35). 

Viveka is “true knowledge”, “discretion”, “right judgment”, “faculty to distinguish and classify things according to their real properties”. It is a prerogative of the yogic path. Without viveka you cannot embark on the path nor therefore hope to reach self-realization.

The moment invites you to reflect on yourself: on what you really want, on the sense of inadequacy that blocks you on your way, on what you have done so far and the consequences to which it has led. You certainly don’t have to blame yourself as well as you don’t have to be so indulgent that you end up blaming others. Needless to be irritated with others, be more discreet, listen to yourself, work on discrimination.


Utkata-āsana, powerful pose

I proposed this pose to you exactly one year ago. Take it back and watch the feelings it gives you. Practice it every day for one minute.

Awareness exercise

For everything that is wrong, that you don’t like, write on a sheet others responsibility and yours. At the end of the month, just re-read the part that depended on you.

Mantra of the month

«Discreet and realistic».