Vidhāna – conflict of feelings

«O great sage, great saintly persons like you, being completely aware of the Vedic principles for performing ritualistic ceremonies and yajñas, worship Lord Viṣṇu in all circumstances. Therefore, whether that same Lord Viṣṇu has come here to give me all benedictions or to punish me as an enemy, I must carry out His order and give Him the requested tract of land without hesitation» (Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, 8.20.11).

Vidhāna is a conflict of different feelings, it represents both an occasion for joy and pain. In this sense it is also translated as “variety” or “division”. And in fact, depending on the context, it is both “wealth” and “pain”, the “effort to obtain” and “destiny” too.

You live a moment of contrast, Taurus. On one hand, you feel that you can and want to do a lot: the projects are there, there would also be opportunities and creativity is vivid. Yet there is a condition that limits you, something that makes you nervous and tests your patience. Hold on, because already in the middle of the month the tension eases. You will still have to struggle to assert what you carry on, but at least there will be no need to get angry.


Tulita-āsana, scale pose

Find a balance between two extremes. Repeat the position every day for one minute.

Awareness exercise

For each project, think of a plan B and maybe even a plan C. Write down some ideas. Perhaps there will be no need to use them, but they will still enrich your initial vision.

Mantra of the month 

«I accept without hesitation».