Yāvan – to ride 

«Having obtained, at the end of many births, the human form which is difficult to obtain, and though perishable, capable of conferring on man, should strive earnestly, before death overtakes him, for spiritual freedom which is his highest excellence. Sensual delights can be had in all other bodies; (hence the human body need not be dedicated to them.)» (Shrīmad Bhāgavatam, 11. 9. 29).

In the verse there is the term yāvan. In Prabhupada’s translation it would seem to be only a declension of the adverb “as long as” (yāvat). The idea of ​​the rider, the aggressor, to go ahead, to ride that refer to the term yāvan are not so far away. It is necessary to commit oneself, in a certain sense to fight to ascend.

It is a rich moment for you Virgo and it is worth taking advantage of it. You might be tempted to do nothing, to satisfy only the desires since all in all it seems that things go on by themselves. But be careful because luck is not something that comes and does it all by itself, it is a wave that you must ride. If you ride you will be able to hold the reins even when things no longer go in the desired direction.


Ashwasanchalana-āsana, equestrian pose

Repeat it every day for one minute on each side. It will help you remember your ride.

Awareness exercise

Whenever something pleasant happens to you, go back to its causes and see how much you too have played your part in that chain of causes.

Mantra of the month

«Ride the wave».