Uddīyāna – flying up 

«Uddiyana is so called, because the great bird, Prana, tied to it, flies without being fatigued. It is explained below» (Hathayoga-pradīpikā, 3.55).

I liked this image for you, Capricorn. The prāna, the energy, is first held back and finally lifted upwards. You need an effort for this, which is that of uddīyāna, but the other part is natural because “the great bird (the prāna), flies incessantly”, as it is natural that there is an instinct to the comeback.

Well Capricorn, you were detained until a few months ago. Still, you don’t seem to be taking big steps forward and in fact you seem to be struggling. Changes take time and you are building now what will be good tomorrow. Going back up depends on strength, determination and self-awareness. Cultivate optimism and don’t get carried away by what happens. Luck is on yours, which does not mean absence of effort, but an extra help that ensures that your mechanisms are not thwarted by a cause that you cannot control.


Uddīyāna-bandha, lifting of the diaphragm.

Try this gesture three times each day. You will feel how it energizes you.

Awareness exercise

Seize the luck note that is in everything you do or what happens to you.

Mantra of the month

«I’m on my way up».