Kāma – love

«Shastra rules can be applied as long as man’s passion is average, but as soon as the wheel of love is set in motion, neither Shastra nor rules are valid» (Kama-sūtra, 2.2).

Sometimes love comes so overwhelming that it is scary. It changes all programs and generates uncertainty. Moreover if you have a past of amorous disappointments, then it also affects you deeply, making old fears re-emerge. Sometimes it is so compromising that you almost get angry with those you love, because it makes you feel unstable.

Yet it seems to me the right time, Gemini, to build a relationship on new foundations that finally change the patterns of the past. Don’t be nervous about this, open yourself to the opportunities that come.


Kusuma-āsana, open flower pose

Find the right balance and stay open to love. Repeat this pose every day for 10 breaths.

Awareness exercise

Think about what you’re not willing to change at all. Imagine possible scenarios if this thing changed instead.

Mantra of the month 

«I open myself to love».