Viparyaya – mistake

«Error is false knowledge, without foundation» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.8). 

Viparyaya refers to a category of pratyayasarga (intellectual products) and concerns ignorance in the strict sense, that is the lack of notions or the wrong notion. Viparyaya is something intellectual and therefore earthly, material, pertinent to everyday thoughts. When this ignorance refers to existence then you speak of avidya, existential ignorance, which doesn’t allow to know your true nature.

From the yogic point of view viparyaya has no less value than correct knowledge or fantasy, because it is still a thought, while yoga seeks the suspension of all thoughts. Therefore, remaining on a pragmatic level, you could find some usefulness in viparyaya too: learning errors are normal and are a stimulus for improvement.

Remember it Libra when at the end of the month you will experience some annoying small troubles, especially in work and study. Luckily, a beautiful sky at the beginning of the month and the positive moon on the solstice will fill you with optimism and emotional serenity, which will also help you take the good side of mistakes.


Shirsha-āsana, headstand

To see things from another point of view. If you are not able or are having contraindications (be careful there are many for this pose) just bend over to the ground from an upright position to look at the world upside down.

Awareness exercise

Sit in a meditative position. Relax all your muscles. Think about the last time you did a job, something went wrong and you had to do it again. Think of the improvements you have made that you wouldn’t have made if you had kept the first one good. Go back in time and think of similar episodes. Go on for ten minutes. Stay focused on events. Repeat this exercise at least twice a month.

Mantra of the month

«The good side of the error».