Ahaṃkāra – ego 

«I am so and so. This is my task. I am a person of this sort.’ This and similar assertions (born) of self-consciousness are proclaimed Ahaṃkāra (egotism)» (Bhagavad-gītā, 3.4).

There are situations that repeat themselves and that make you nervous just because you can’t solve them. The risk is that you only see them from your point of view and do not want to accept your part in provoking them or in doing nothing to prevent them from being created. It is a good time to work on the ego. You could take advantage to understand more of this part of yourself, with which you tend to strongly identify emotions, your beliefs, in short what you are in this life. I recommend an internal observation program until the solstice. The square Moon that day will not leave you serene in what you have found during this journey, but will be the climax for a turning point. After the solstice things will turn to the best and your sensitivity and understanding will make a qualitative leap.


Parvata-āsana,  sacred mountain pose

Stay with your back straight and your heart open for a minute every day.

Awareness exercise

For every contrariety think: how much to yield on this point means to yield on myself, on my person?

Mantra of the month

«So ham»

(I am that).