So ham – I am that

«Paingala again said to Yajnavalkya, “Explain to me the meaning of the maha vakya (Great Aphorisms).” Yajnavalkya replied, tat tvam asi (“you are that”), so ‘ham (“I am that”), aham brahmasmi (“I am Brahman”): on these you must meditate» (Paingala Upanishad. 3.1-2)

Maybe years ago you made a wish, Scorpio, and in the meantime you also made it come true. Well now is the time to show that in the manifestation of that desire you find yourself fully there: “yes, I’m sure, I want to live like this”. It is a good time to show others and especially yourself who you are. By affirming yourself in this way, others will also approve of what you do and indeed support your project. The only thing to work on is to refine the angular points and if instead you find out that you don’t want to live like that, then it’s the right time to evaluate the new route to take.


Utkata-āsana, powerful pose.

This pose is also called yogic chair. Stable on yourself, think about who you are.

 Awareness exercise

Whenever you don’t like something about what you live or how you live, think if you would gladly give up on that thing and what it means to give up on that: there are certainly related aspects, so avoiding one thing, means losing everything else.

Mantra of the month

«So ham».