Niyama- restrictions

«The wise man shall always observe the Restraints, but not necessarily the Observances. Not observing the Restraints, and keeping the Observances alone, he falls» (Manusmriti, 4.204).

Five observances and five restrictions are listed in the Yoga-sūtras. Among the former there is ahimsa, non-violence, among the latter santosha, contentment. Now, imagine if you followed ahimsa without following santosha: you could for example become a vegetarian so as not to harm any creature; but vegetarianism would not be enough, then you would be vegan, but even plants suffer when torn, then you could become fruitarian, but after all the fruits fallen from the trees feed other beings and so you should give up food … In short, at some point you nees to be satisfied in your attempt to harm as less as possible.

I offered you this extreme example to make you understand the value of restrictions and the need to find compromises sometimes. You have the instinct to argue this month, Taurus, especially against those who tell you what to do or just place restrictions on you. It would be enough for you to find a right compromise between what you are asked and what you want to do, and you can really achieve a lot. Apply your creativity and your desire to learn on everything that is proposed to you, welcome what arrives and elaborate it patiently until you turn it to your best.


Anjaneya-āsana, monkey pose, variant

Half on your knees and half ready to go up; chest and arms open as a sign of acceptance of what comes from the front and from above. Practice this āsana every day for one minute per side.

Awareness exercise

Write down every day your reactions to whatever you feel you taming you. Briefly write down what you felt or how you responded. Read everything again at the end of the month.

Mantra of the month 

«To my best».