Madhyama – in the middle 

«Suṣumnā, Sunya Padavī, Brahma Randhra, Mahā Patha, Śmaśāna, Śambhavī, Madhya Mārga, are names of one and the same thing» (Hatha-yoga-pradipika, 3.4).

Among the various names of the major energy channel, which passes through the spine, there is

madhyamarga, the central path. Madhyama in general means being in the middle and also being neutral, impartial. The Buddhist doctrine that makes the right middle one of its cornerstones is called Madhyamaka, the “middle way”.

Understanding the right measure, is considered a sign of wisdom for yoga, Buddhism, Confucianism and for Aristotelian philosophy too.

You are still well committed to building your future, Virgo, but you must find a right measure between discipline and moments of pleasure and relaxation. If you don’t understand this measure, you may find yourself repeating the same mistakes of a lifetime without understanding how it was possible. You need a change, you yourself want it, then look for it in the middle way.


Sayana buddha-āsana, Buddha resting pose

In this pose, find the right middle way between maintaining balance and relaxation. The body is well aligned. Repeat it every day for one minute per side.

      Awareness exercise

  Sit in a meditative pose, relax and think about the last time you found a middle way as a solution to any question. Think about what you were convinced of before finding it or what others believed. Just remember the situation without judging it. Look for other similar events in the past. Continue the exercise for 10 minutes and repeat it at least twice in a month.

  Mantra of the month


(is the word that Aristotle used to indicate the middle way).